Transfer Case Torsen Self-Block LADA 2121 21213 21214 2123 Chevy NIVA Urban 4x4

Transfer Case Torsen Self-Block LADA 2121 21213 21214 2123 Chevy NIVA Urban 4x4

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This item is a torsen differential to be installed in the transfer case of the Niva. From the factory the Niva features a permanent 4x4 traction systems thanks to its transfer case with two gears and central differential. This open differential is in charge of dealing with rotation differences between front and rear axle while transmitting torque to both axles. Different rotation comes from the fact that the path followed by the front wheels and the rear wheels when the car turns is different. The smaller the turning radius is the more difference in the spin of the front and rear differential. This is the reason why the part time 4x4 cars allow the use of the 4x4 mode only out of the tarmac or in slippery situations, where this spin difference can be absorbed when one wheel slips.

However, if one wheel looses it grips completely, all the torque will be lost through it and the car will get stuck. That is why the Niva incorporates a 100% locking differential in the transfer case. When the central differential lock is engaged equal spin in front and rear axle is ensured. This allows the car to progress even when one wheel in one axle is completely in the air. By installing a Torsen differential in the transfer case you keep intact the original diff locking capability while incoporating a torque sensitive differential that can be used in any other situation. This means that when you drive on the road with good grip, your central differential still will be distributing the torque between front and rear axle as needeed. If one wheel of the fron axle looses traction, the central differential will react sending more torque to the rear axle, all automatically and immediately. This is exactly how the traditional torsen diffs installed in front and rear axle works. At the same time, you will keep, and improve, steering capacity, unlike it happens with the central diff 100% locked, that forces the car to follow a straight line. Yet, you will keep the 100% locking capability for the worst off road situations.

Some famous cars include torsen diffentials to improve their traction, such as Audi Quattro versions, Alfa Romeo Q4, Lexus GX or Saab 9-7X Aero. Order now this item and improve your car without any drawback. You will not notice anything but a better traction and if you combine this item with a rear and front torsen you will have an offroad beast!


~~~ IMPORTANT! Due to very high interest the 1st party of these blocks were sold in 1 week. We are now openning a pre-order for this product. You pay now - we ship you the order in about 3 months. The line is growing - don't waste the time! ~~~

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