Synchronized Transfer Case Crawler Low Gear Ratio 2.54 Kit LADA 2121 21214 NIVA

Synchronized Transfer Case Crawler Low Gear Ratio 2.54 Kit LADA 2121 21214 NIVA

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The installation of Synchronized Transfer Case Crawler Low Gear Ratio 2.54 Kit LADA 2121 21214 NIVA on the car is made for easy guaranteed activation of the reduced or increased transmission, while the car is moving.

Highest gear: 32*47/39x32=1,205-serial -1.2

Lower gear: 45*47 / 26x32=2.54-serial-2.1

Increased passability:

- when driving non-stop, by switching from high gear to low gear directly while the car is moving at a speed of no more than 20 km. per hour. This can be done by the synchronizers installed in the design and the reduced row changed in comparison with the serial distributor. The gear ratio of the serial, factory transmission of a reduced row is 2.135. The gear ratio of the reduced range of this set is 2.54. When switching the serial distribution of the Lada 4x4 car, you need to stop, which means you can not move, get stuck or "burn the clutch" on a steep climb.

- In the manufacture of gear sets, 100% gearing control is performed on a special control and measuring machine by measuring the gearing profile and the contact spot of the gears.

- 100% control and selection of gears for noise on special equipment for noise control.

This allows you to:

- improve the accuracy of gear manufacturing, eliminating unevenness when the gear teeth are engaged.

- reduce transmission noise as much as possible.

Also, this kit allows you to switch in motion and in reverse gear, which is very convenient when driving in reverse for a long time, for example, in a limited space where there is no possibility to turn around. (Example; high track, winter snow roads, etc.).

Installed, with a small, simple modification (groove to the diameter f=82 mm) of the differential housing. All the necessary parts are supplied in the kit, can be installed in any car service center.


1. Intermediate shaft f=90.2 Z=32F/ f=123.2 Z=45-1 piece.

2. Gear f74, 6 z=26 (reduced) transmission (complete with synchronizer, spring and lock ring) - 1 piece.

3. Gear f108 z=39 (increased) transmission (complete with synchronizer, spring and locking ring) - 1 piece.

4. Operation of the control 21010-1701116-10 -1 thing.

5. Switching Fork 21010-702024- 00 - 1 thing.

6. Bolt 21010-1702028-00 or bolt washer (without spring washer) - 1 piece 

7. Spring washer F6 -1 piece. (not supplied when equipped with a bolt-washer).

8. Technical passport-warranty card.

Recommendation: before installing, purchase a set of speedometer drive gears in the spare parts stores in advance. They may break during disassembly. there are 3 types of gears, depending on the gear ratio of the serial main pairs you have installed.

For cars with ABS, this item is not needed, because the speed is taken from the ABS sensors!

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