redsquAIR 'Basic' Air Suspension Kit LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA LAIKA

redsquAIR 'Basic' Air Suspension Kit LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA LAIKA

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The latest LADA-fashion directly from Russia.
This kit allows your car to be a jeep or a lowrider at one time.
Everything is included and the kit is ready for installation.

With this kit you can control the height of front and rear suspension.
If you wanna have a low car which would be still comfortable to drive - this kit is the best solution. Prevents all possible troubles connected to low clearance such are pot holes/speed bumps/offroad/parking.
Loads of attention is guaranteed.

The kit includes:
- 4 air bags 40 Bar
- Modified triangle suspension arms
- Brackets for air bags
- Polyurethane stabiliser links
- 4 modified ball-bearings
- Compressor 72L/min
- Receiver 20L (5 ports)
- Pneumohose 8/6mm
- 4 solenoid valve 1/4"
- Control buttons/switches 3pc.
- Pressure gauge 10 bar.
- Drier
- Fittings, tees, reducers
- Return valve

Collecting whole kit takes 3-4 weeks after payment.

We are continuously improving our products so the actual kit may slightly differ from the photos which are given for reference.

Please also note that each car (especially an old LADA) is individual and the height of the suspension may vary in each exact case. Such things like curvature and wear of body/arms/suspension in general, wheels/tyres sizes may greatly affect.

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