'Vulcan' Electronic Transfer Case Control Unit 2121-2123 Chevy NIVA 4x4 Urban

'Vulcan' Electronic Transfer Case Control Unit 2121-2123 Chevy NIVA 4x4 Urban

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Designed for installation and remote (without levers) switching of transfer case operating modes.
Device:Consists of two mechanisms, each with an individual drive from an electric motor. The mechanisms are installed and fixed to the standard places of the transfer case instead of the diagnostic cover and the cover of the lock-on alarm sensor. For the installation of mechanisms, it is not required to make significant changes in the design of standard parts and assemblies of the transfer case.
The operation of the mechanisms is controlled by an electronic controller.The operating modes of Transfer Case Control Unit are signaled by control lamps: the operation of the locking mechanism is standard - a lamp with a blocking icon, the operation of the lowered mechanism is a lamp in the instrument panel.
Installation of Transfer Case Control Unit on a car does not cause difficulties and does not require special tools or serious preparation and is quite possible in ordinary garage conditions. The installation process is described in detail in the instructions supplied with the kit. It is also worth noting that when installing, it is not necessary to note the modifications to the vehicle units The Transfer Case Control Unit actuators are installed in the standard places of the diagnostic hatches and the transfer case lock sensor. The harness is integrated into the vehicle's wiring harness.
Differential lock engaging mechanism - 1 pc.Downshift mechanism - 1 pc.Power electrical wiring harness - 1 pc.Control harness - 1 pc.Control controller - 1 pc.Fork with low gear axle assembly - 1 pc.Lock axle assembly - 1 pc.Intermediate washer 14x20x2.5 - 1 pc.Intermediate washer 14x20x3.5 - 1 pc.Control panel with pushbutton switches on Saturday. - 1 PC.Self-tapping screws for the control panel - 4 pcs.Floor tunnel plug - 1 pc.Self-tapping screws for the floor tunnel plug - 3 pcs.Cover for the floor tunnel lining - 1 pc.Passport - 1 pc.

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