'Trophy' Gearbox And Transfer Case Monoblock Kit LADA 2121-2131 NIVA 4x4 Urban

'Trophy' Gearbox And Transfer Case Monoblock Kit LADA 2121-2131 NIVA 4x4 Urban

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This monoblock kit is installed on VAZ Niva 2121, 21211, 21212, 21213, 21214, 21215, 21216, 21217, 21219, 2121B, LADA 4x4, 2129, 2130, Urban, 2131 and modifications. Suitable for vehicles with four-speed and five-speed gearboxes.

When deciding to install a monoblock, consider the following fact: if a gearbox was replaced on your Niva and a gearbox from the "classic" was installed, then revision will be necessary. Since the holes in the amplifier will not match (the holes in the amplifier are two holes inside the bracket, which are screwed to the place where the gearbox pad was). Or it will be necessary to replace the rear gearbox cover, and deliver it from the Niva. This also applies to 4 and 5-speed "classics" gearboxes.

Niva has a more complex transmission for all-wheel drive. Due to the large number of units, it is inferior in comfort, dynamics, economy and reliability to cars with a single axle drive. The main reason for these disadvantages is the large number of rotating parts, some of which work in very poor conditions. In particular, the intermediate shaft transmits rotation from the gearbox to the transfer case. Due to the appearance of various forces during operation, these units have a large degree of movement relative to each other, as a result of which, the hinge of the blades, as well as the hinges of the cardan drives of the axles, begin to work under conditions of the strongest loads, reaching critical ones. In this case, their correct operation is disrupted, which leads to the manifestation of the above disadvantages (noises, vibrations, increased consumption, early exit from standing units). This development is intended to get rid of the Niva car from these shortcomings.

Combining the gearbox and transfer case into a single whole - a monoblock. With the use of these parts, a more correct operation of the entire transmission is achieved. The appearance of peak loads on the shafts of the units and parts of cardan joints is excluded. At the same time, the operation of the car becomes more comfortable, since the appearance of vibrations and noise is excluded. Dynamics improves and fuel consumption is reduced. And in general, the resource and reliability of the car increases.

Aggregates (gearbox and transfer case) do not need to be remodeled;
You can always return to the original state;
Ease of installation;
The ground clearance does not decrease;
The position of the intermediate shaft and cardan shafts is improved;
The machine remains maintainable;
Transmission and vibration noise in the vehicle interior is significantly reduced;
The "dull" behavior of the engine, which occurs during resonant vibrations of the units, disappears;
The service life of the gearbox and transfer case, front and rear gearboxes is increased;
The resource of the cardan shafts increases (the crosses "run" longer, the wear of the "splined" front universal joint is prevented).

Principle of operation
The bracket in any modes and loads holds two units (gearbox and transfer case) in an exact, unchanged position relative to each other. The hingeless intermediate shaft from the kit, like the native intermediate shaft with a joint, transfers rotation from the gearbox to the transfer case, but there is no energy loss. The transfer case mountings take on the increased weight of the entire unit, since the gearbox mount is eliminated in this case. At the same time, the design of the supports is such that they are able to damp vibration that comes from the power unit. The reinforcements for mounting the supports take on the increased load from the unit and distribute it along the bottom of the body, while being also an amplifier for the floor of the car.

Kit Contents
Connecting bracket - 1 pc .;
Shaft without articulated joint - 1 pc .;
Elastic coupling (Chevrolet Niva original) - 1 pc .;
Unit pillow (VAZ 2110 original) - 2 pcs.;
Adapter cushion bushing - 2 pcs .;
Adapter cushion nut - 2 pcs.;
Right reinforcing plate - 1 pc .;
Left reinforcing plate - 1 pc .;
Protection - 1 piece;
Centering steel bush - 1 pc .;
Centering rubber bush - 1 pc .;
Installation winch with a belt - 1 pc .;
Bushing for rigid installation of the flush shaft - 1 pc .;
Steel mounting tape - 600 mm;
Langeron mortgage - 2 pcs.;
Hardware - 124 items;
Box - 1 pc.;
Instruction - 1 pc .;
Hardware assignment list - 1 pc.

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