'Easy DRIFT' Track +50 to +100mm Suspension Arms Kit LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA

'Easy DRIFT' Track +50 to +100mm Suspension Arms Kit LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA

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The suspension kit includes:

- Lower arms-2 pieces

- Upper arms-2 pieces

- Steering knuckle arms (pins)-2 pieces

- Steering rod ends-2 pieces

- Shock absorber brackets-2 pieces (not included anymore due to being almost useless)

This kit allows you to significantly increase the front wheel eversion, castor angle and camber. At the same time, you do not need to install Samara brakes (you can use original brakes 2101-2107). The maximum eversion is reached when moving the standard brakes forward.  Track extension from +50mm to + 100mm.

Installation recommendations:

- To install this suspension set, the standard brake system must be moved forward. We also recommend removing the rubber bump - serious contact of the bump with the upper arm is undesirable.

- When expanding to under +80mm, to achieve maximum eversion you will need to remove the stabilizer and compensate for its absence with more rigid springs/shock absorbers.

- Ball-joints are all upper. The ball-joint of the lower arm is installed on top, above the arm (use high-quality mounting bolts).

- It is possible to install ball-joint 2123 "Chevy-Niva", to expand the track, and adjust the camber.

- Shock absorber bracket  is reversible - when lowering is -50 mm and more, we recommend installing the ears down.

- Stabilizer mounts are used from VAZ 1118 Kalina.

- Hardware required for installation: m8x25mm

Bolts (ball bolt from the classics) - fixing the adjustment pad of the upper lever, and the upper ball, 12pcs.

Bolts M8x40mm (ball bolt from the field) - fixing the ball lower lever and upper ball to the adjustment pads, 8pcs.

M10x50mm bolts-bipod mounting bolts, 4 PCs.

Recommended wheel mounting angles:

- Camber

From -1 to -4 degrees there is a dependence with castor, the setting rule is simple - the more castor, the greater the camber. If you go further - depending on your preferences, you can set the angles to the maximum contact spot at the angle of inversion in which you most often drive.

- Castor

From 6 to 9 degrees - it depends on how good the return of the steering wheel will be - if at 6 degrees your steering wheel easily returns to the zero position, and on the "interceptions" it quickly twists - you don't need to do a higher value. If not, increase the angle. In the case when at 9 degrees you do not ”twist" the steering wheel, look at the ball-joints and steering, most likely there is excessive resistance.

- Alignment

From +1mm to -4mm overall, depending on your preferences. With a positive alignment the course stability is better and the steering wheel is lighter. With a negative alignment, the feedback and accuracy of the steering wheel greatly increases, the roll in the turn decreases, and there is a tendency to oversteer.

- Ackermann Angle

This kit allows you to adjust the Ackermann angle:

Without washers - negative Ackermann angle of 3 degrees.

Washers with a thickness of 3 mm - zero Ackermann angle.

Washers with a thickness of 6 mm - a positive Ackermann angle of 3 degrees.

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