'Easy DRIFT JM' Track +100 to +170mm Sport Suspension Arms LADA 2101-2107 RIVA

'Easy DRIFT JM' Track +100 to +170mm Sport Suspension Arms LADA 2101-2107 RIVA

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The "Easy DRIFT JM" suspension kit includes:
- Lower arms- 2 pcs
- Upper arms - 2 pcs
- Steering knuckle pins (bipods) - 2 pcs
- Steering rod twists (bends) - 2 pcs
- Eversion limiters - 2 pcs
- Shock absorber brackets - 2 pcs
- Stabilizer brackets - 2 pcs
- Hardware
- Ball-joints - 4 pcs
- Stabilizer links - 2 pcs

This kit allows you to significantly improve the handling of the car. It has the widest range of adjustments, significantly increases the eversion of the car, castor and camber. It can be installed with a standard brake system.

- Installed with a standard braking system. It can also be installed with a brake system from the front-wheel drive family - eversion and the parameters will remain unchanged.
- The widest range of camber and castor adjustment.
- The Ackerman angle is adjustable from 0 to positive.
- It is possible to change the track width by installing different ball-joints (you choose which ones you need when adding the product to shopping cart).
- Modular stabilizer bracket - if you remove the stabilizer, you can also remove the bracket.
- The eversion limiters will be useful if suddenly in the extreme positions of the eversion you cling to the wheel for the fenders / stabilizer.

Installation Recommendations:

- To install this suspension kit it is necessary to move the brake system forward. We also recommend removing the rubber bump - serious contact of the bump with the upper arms is undesirable.
- Ball bearings - 2101 upper. Either a pair of 2101 upper + a pair of 2123 upper. Or all 4 ball 2123. Or NIVA Urban. Due to the variation of the ball bearings, the track width can be changed and the camber can be adjusted.
The ball of the lower lever is installed on top, above the lever (use high-quality mounting bolts).
- Stabilizer links are used from VAZ 1118 Kalina.

Recommended wheel mounting angles:
- Camber
From -3 to -5 degrees, there is a direct dependence with castor, the setting rule is simple - the more castor, the greater the collapse.
- Castor
From 6 to 8 degrees, it depends on how good the steering wheel return will be - if at 6 degrees your steering wheel easily returns to the zero position, and quickly twists on the crossbars - it is not necessary to do more. If not, increase the angle. In the case when at 8 degrees you do not “twist” the steering wheel, we look at the ball and steering, most likely there is excessive resistance.
- Alignment
At zero Ackerman angle - zero, or negative alignment, up to -0°30' minutes per wheel. With a positive Ackerman, there is zero alignment.

More information you can find here: https://ladamoscow.com/quot%3Beasydrift

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