'Classic' Steering Rack Kit LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA LAIKA

'Classic' Steering Rack Kit LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA LAIKA

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The kit is designed for installation on VAZ 2101-2107 cars for tubular tuning levers with an extension from +10 to + 20mm to the side. Installation on standard levers is possible, you will need to shorten the steering tips. The eversion of the wheels depends on the variant of the selected bipod.
Reiki benefits:
- Sharp and responsive controls
- Force against the steering shaft with a torque wrench:
On the gearbox 30 nm
On a 35 nM rail
- Lack of backlash
- Serviceability
- Simplifies the installation of a sports exhaust
- Crankcase protection and engine boot is installed in standard holes
- Rail travel: 2-2.3 turns

- Powder coating of parts.
- Hardware for installation included.
- Reinforced front beam bolts.
-Steering bipod made for VW steering tip.
2 types of steering bipods:
1. Under Standard Brakes. For maximum eversion, reworking of the lower arm is required.
2. Under calipers 2108-12 in a standard place. The Ackermann angle is close to the factory settings. These bipods have proven themselves well in rallies and in the ring.

- The bipods are installed both with the VAZ 2101 Standard brakes, and with the VAZ 2108, 2110 or 2112 mechanisms.
- Requires modification of the exhaust system for the rail.

1. Beam 2101 with plates for the rail
2. Rack support bracket (2pcs)
3. Steering bipod Classic -40mm (2pcs)
4. Support bearing Toyota-VAZ
5. Thermo-shield of the anther of the steering rod
6. Steering Rack assembly with rods and tips
7. Steering universal joint Toyota (2pcs)
8. Hardware

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