'AMG' Power Steering Rods Set LADA 21214 2123 Chevy NIVA 4x4 Urban

'AMG' Power Steering Rods Set LADA 21214 2123 Chevy NIVA 4x4 Urban

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Reinforced steering rods " AMG " - the best solution of power steering rods for any task! The design uses steering rod tips according to the Mercedes Daimler AG article. The rods are assembled using high-quality steering tips from well-known manufacturers.

Features and advantages of the steering reinforced rods "AMG":
- the strengthening of the node occurs due to the use of a closed and, accordingly, a more rigid threaded connection.
- a powerful 27 mm turnkey hexagon was used.
- the threaded connection is reliably protected from corrosion and prevents
- the possibility of backlash in the traction control unit.
- the design eliminates the deformation of the steering clutch (bending, loosening)
- ensures the preservation of convergence adjustments under the most severe operating conditions.

Standard adjustment! To adjust the convergence, it is NOT NECESSARY to disconnect the steering tip from the bipod of the steering knuckle.

Application: Chevrolet Niva, Niva-Travel, Niva-Legend - all models and modifications. VAZ-21214, VAZ-21217, VAZ-2131, LADA 4x4 URBAN, and their modifications with fists and suspension of a new sample.

1. Reinforced steering clutches length 175mm - 2 pcs.
2. Fixing nuts M24 10 mm - 4 pcs.
3. Steering tip, left-OEM 4193224-2 pcs.
4. Steering tip, right-OEM 0013306335 - 2 pcs.
5. Steering rod nuts 4 pcs. (optional)

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Manufacturer: ZST
Warranty: according to the terms
Country of production: Russia
Color: Anodized metal

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