"EasyDrift" suspension arms - what's so good about it?

"The best suspension arms for Zhiguli!" - do you think it's a big word? Let's see!

"EasyDrift» suspension arms - what's so good about it?

We will start with a simple – wheel eversion. If you look at the photos, it becomes clear that by this indicator we have bypassed everyone. And this with a still standard brake system!
Yes, the photo shows a car with standard Zhiguli brakes.

The next point is perhaps more significant than the sky-high wheel eversion - the angles of the wheels and the range of their settings. At the moment our kit has the largest range of settings, you are no longer tied to certain indicators - adjust the suspension as you wish!

More specifically, in numbers:
Camber: from -1 degrees to -7 degrees on standard beam bolts (yes-yes, we know that -7 is too much, and yet).
Castor: from 5 to 15 degrees - easy!
Ackermann angle: from -3 to +3 degrees. Yes, you can adjust even this indicator.
If you have a question about how to change the settings in such a wide range - write us at any time, we will tell you with pleasure :)

Next - reliability. I do not think that this point requires specific arguments, visually everything is visible and so. The lower arm is 20mm thick, the upper arm is 10mm thick. In addition, sheet steel is not subject to internal corrosion, unlike pipe arms. We are more often asked what will break first when hitting the curb – the arms or chassis-legs* :)

* The answer to this question, unfortunately, we can not know — it all depends on the nature of the hit

This raises a reasonable question — what about the weight of the arms with such a thickness? Well, we admit that it was the most difficult thing, but we did it. At the moment the total weight of the kit is 12.6 kg, for comparison - the weight of pipe arms varies in the same range, plus or minus 1 kg, depending on the manufacturer.

And finally, I would like to mention the cost. Even here we are "ahead of the whole planet" and this is not because our kit is "cheap" (in the text above, we have given enough arguments to refute this), but because we really want to make drift on Zhiguli more accessible to You! We want you to try it and see for yourself — these are really the best arms. We want you to spend less and drive more efficiently. We want to be involved in the development of the entire LADA Motorsport movement or at least a small part of it. And we just want to do the best we can!

Guys, thank you to everyone who has already purchased and tested our hardware, thank you for your feedback — we listen to it, honestly, you can see it yourself by looking at the improvements made to the product. We also thank everyone who asks questions, gives objective criticism, and in some cases tips — this is important for us, thank you! :)

  • "EasyDrift" suspension arms - what's so good about it?