Power Unloaded Differential Half Shaft Axle IZH LADA 2121-21214 NIVA 4x4 Urban

Power Unloaded Differential Half Shaft Axle IZH LADA 2121-21214 NIVA 4x4 Urban

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1) Reinforced Unloaded Floating Rear Half-Shaft With Double-Row Bearing.

2) Unloaded construction - half-axis shaft only accepts torque. The load of the weight of the vehicle is transmitted to the hub and double-row bearing

3) Longer life due to the double-row bearing design and the protection of the additional seals on both sides

4) Increased limit of shaft torques durability through the use of stainless steels and advanced heat treating methods

5) Serviceability - Does not require heating of the bearing race when replacing the bearing.

6) Absolutely Plug And Play. Don't need to make any changes in Lada construction.

7) Spare double-row bearing available in our store.

8) 100% waterproof.

9) High-quality steel is used.

Standard half-axle breakes at 4281Nm,

Power half-axle does not break even at 6887Nm.

Hub unit comes complete, tightening of the bearing is not required.

Standard half-shaft seal installation is not required as he doesn't play a role anymore.

Reinforcing rear axle is recommended. 24 teeth half-axles are 15% stronger than 22 teeth ones.

For wheels 30" and bigger we recommend installing 24 teeth half-axles.

Please state in the order your NIVA model and year of manufacturer, if it has ABS or not.

2121 21213 21214 2131 21214 NIVA 4x4 Urban

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