More than 1.5 year ago we asked Predrag Radenkovich (AKA Pera Kojot) to assemble an engine for a customer from Germany.

22 April 2018 we sent him 500 eur as a pre-payment. We also sent him parts worth 568 eur so he could do the job.

For 1.5 year this guy tells hundreds reasons why the job is not done: from taxi drivers’ strike to an imaginary van driver friend who suddenly disappeared with the engine.

We already asked Predrag for refund but he doesn’t feel he’s responsible for this situation.

He is not eager to refund because he took offenced! Can you imagine?

Predrag does not respond anymore, he ignores his duties.

We warn everybody NOT TO DEAL with this person – you will loose both your money and time. He may behave okay for a while but once he has some significant amount of your money – they will be stolen and he will behave very impudently. Read the whole story below!

NEVER DEAL WITH THIS PEASANT “BUSINESSMAN”! The cost of his reputation is 1068 eur!