Lowered -40mm Negative Camber Steering Knuckles Set LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA

Lowered -40mm Negative Camber Steering Knuckles Set LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA

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The set includes:

- rotary knuckles - 2pcs

Designed to change the standard geometry of the Lada suspension. The distance between the ball bearings is increased by 40 mm. The wheel rotation axis is also offset by 40mm. They are installed only with pipe or sheet steel arms(it is not possible to install them with standard levers).

Below is a description of all the advantages of this design:

- Increased wheel eversion.

- A 2108 rear hub with a safer unadjustable bearing is used.

- Brake system-from the VAZ front-wheel drive family (2108/2110/2112). If necessary, the caliper bracket is centered relative to the disc with washers.

- You get lowering of the car by 40mm without changing the suspension stroke. At the same time, the suspension works correctly, the lower arm remains parallel to the road surface, and the upper one acquires an angle relative to the lower one that allows you to change the dynamic camber from positive to negative.

- The center of the roll is shifted - it becomes closer to the center of gravity, which has a very positive effect on the taxiing of the car.

- Reduced the radius of the running wheel.

- The KPI angle (transverse tilt of the rotary axis) is similar to the factory one.

- Ackermann angle is zero.

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