Lamborghini Door Hinges Installation Kit LADA 2101-2115 2121-2123 NIVA

Lamborghini Door Hinges Installation Kit LADA 2101-2115 2121-2123 NIVA

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The hinges allow the doors to be lifted vertically up to 90 ° using special shock absorbers.

Suitable for installation on most cars, including all LADA models.
The name of the lambo doors came from Lamborghini cars, it was on them that doors that opened vertically upwards began to be installed for the first time. Today, lambo doors are very popular among motorists. Installing lambo doors is the best way to radically change the look of your car.

The mechanism of action of the Lambo doors is simple, at first the doors open like classic ones (in the usual horizontal mode) and only then they begin to rise vertically upwards.

Lambo hinges are painted black.

The main advantages of Lambo doors:

- Convenience when there is a lack of parking space;

- Absolute design reliability;

- Operational safety;

- Style and irresistibility of your car.

To install this kit, it may be necessary to modify the body and its elements (fitting fenders, doors, wheel arch liners). For cars with heavy doors, you will need to install additional shock absorbers (gas stops for the GAZ Barguzin trunk lid are suitable).
The set includes: 2 lambo hinges assembled, 2 gas shock absorbers (one for each door), 2 shock absorber mounts and 2 latches for horizontal door opening.

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