As we promised, we continue to introduce LADA which was not well-known outside mother Russia. Here is the next chapter.



In 1997 – 2003 the factory Lada Konsul together with the design- organization DECON and scientific and technical centre Auto – VAZ produced an off-road vehicle called “Tarzan”. That car had a body of front – driver VAZ models and a frame with installed details of Niva (suspension, gearbox, transmission, engine, steering). There were used engines of two types: 21213 (1,7 L) and 2130 (1,8 L). Units were used from serially manufactured VAZ – models, except the driveshaft, which length was changed, springs, shock absorber and frame. The body was installed on the frame through rubber cushions. Rear brakes – disk – were the same as the front. There were also some changes in design: connection between frame and body was covered by plastic overlay in step-form, wheel arch linings appeared, which form mudguards and arch –size and new bumpers. The lining of central tunnel inside has changed: the lining of VAZ – 21213 with three levers – gearbox and two – transmission on it. Vehicles were made to order, the total number of produced TARZANS is more than 2500 cars. There was no common retail price due to rarity, but it is known that the price of firm LADA-Konsul in 2000 for VAZ – 21083 and VAZ 2108-35 was 220 thousand RUB and for VAZ -2109-34 and VAZ- 2109-35 – 230 thousand RUB (according to magazine “ Tsena Avto” Tolyatti, photo 5)


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