The car was designed by Laboratory of sport-racing cars (VAZ branch). The main visible differences to stock 2105 were two-door body and “mussle” body kit different to what VFTS produced. Suspension was also much modified – front two-arm and rear five-bar suspension was replaced to MacPherson (both front and rear), worm gear steering was replaced to steering rack.

The most “yummy” thing was under the bonnet: 16v engine 1730cm3, equipped with twin Weber carburetors and contactless ignition system gave 150hp, compression ratio 11.5.
Yes, this car really existed. It is also much interesting because it had nothing common with twin-shaft cylinder head of FIAT 125, license for producing which was previously bought by LADA. Most likely LSRC was own designed.

It also surprises that despite the high compression ratio and 4-throttle intake, it was quite a low power engine – the “litre power” below 100hp – lower than 2105 VFTS v8 had. The cherry on the cake were 5-speed gearbox with 4.77 gear and pinion set and metal-ceramic “Fichtel and Sachs” clutch.
Unfortunately the only built LADA LRSC is not alive nowadays.


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