LADA 2105 T16 VFTS

Some foreign sources refer the appearance of the engine of this car to 1981, which seems doubtful. The first documented appearance of this engine is on rally «UNION-1985»-and this is where the history of this engine was ended. «I remember when we built the first Lada with turbocompressor. The car was constantly towing with driving wheels, but the engine was unstable and fell apart on the first special stage of the rally. But it was enough to understand that it can make even very fast turns with a controlled skid of the rear axle. Stasys Brundza «Golden routes» 

A 16-valve engine with two distributive shafts and turbocharging; special gearbox. Operating equipment weight- 970 kg, acceleration time (standing kilometer)-25,5s, ground clearance – 157 mm.

Engine: capacity – 1772,5 cm3, compression ratio – 7.8, excessive pressure – 1kg/cm3, the valve mechanism – 2OHC with 4 valves per cylinder, supply system – carburetor and turbocharger, power – 240 H.P./177 Kw. Transmission: straight-cut gearbox , five-speed with jaw clutch of engagement clutch - ceramic-metal «Fichtel&Sachs», the ratio of the main pair – 5.3.

For comparison of car’s dynamics - 1 km for 25,5 standing – which is 1,3 seconds faster than Honda Integra Type R , 1 second faster than Ford Escort RS Cosworth,the same as Maserati Ghibli 2.0 V6 (306 HP) and Aston Martin DB7, half a second slower than BMW M3 E36, one second slower than Ferrari 328GTS 1986. According to calculations, acceleration dynamics about 5.5 seconds to 100km/h.

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  • LADA 2105 T16 VFTS

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