'Fobox-H' Hard Mounts Steel Front Differential Housing LADA 2121 21214 NIVA 4x4

'Fobox-H' Hard Mounts Steel Front Differential Housing LADA 2121 21214 NIVA 4x4

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The steel housing of the front axle gearbox of increased reliability "Fobox-H" (with rigid attachment to the axles and beam) is designed to replace the standard silumin housing of the front axle differential.
The appearance of a completely new modification of the steel housing of the front axle differential was preceded by long and painstaking design work along with comprehensive tests
The case of the Fobox with a rigid mount will appeal not only to sportmen, but also to ordinary users who love reliability and confidence in a long journey.

-designed and tested for heavy sports competitions and raids,
-made without the use of a "trim" of the rear axle casing,
-elastic fastening elements are excluded,
-clear and reliable fixation for 4 points, two of which are on the beam, and two on the axes of the lower suspension arms, simultaneously being their stretching and strengthening.
-the presence of a stabilizer bar for mounting is not necessary
-quick and prompt installation-disassembly of the differential without removing the housing,
-quick access for revision of the pinion and gear set and/or LSD through the front cover (standard sample).
- sports fit of the flange bearing with a rubber seal, for prompt field replacement of the drive without special tools and waiting for the sealant to dry.

Important! Mounting with a stabilizer is possible only when the latter is moved down. To assemble the assembly, a rear gearbox is required, configured to work from the front.

Application: Vaz 2121, Niva, LADA 4x4, LADA 4x4 21214,Chevrolet Niva, and their modifications up to 2010 with axles of lower levers with a diameter of 16 mm.


1.Steel housing with side brackets
2.Fastening hardware
3.Brackets (attachment ears to the beam)
4.Breather outlet fitting with rilsan tube
5.The template for the differential
7.additional flange oil seal
8.Drain plug with copper gasket (optional magnetic)
9.Filler plug with copper gasket
10.Passport and warranty card

Country of manufacture: Russia
Warranty - life-long
Color: Orange,Black

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