'Fobox' Power Steel Front Differential Housing LADA 2121 21214 2131 NIVA 4x4

'Fobox' Power Steel Front Differential Housing LADA 2121 21214 2131 NIVA 4x4

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"Fobox" is a new word in production and design. For the first time the serial unit was fully thought out, designed and integrated with other units and parts of the serial car from zero!
The perfect new housing is made without using the basic "trimming" of the rear axle casing!
The absence of elastic elements, a clear and reliable attachment for 4 points two of which are on the beam and two are on the axles of the lower suspension arms, simultaneously being their stretching and strengthening. The presence of a stabilizer bar is no longer necessary for mounting the case, and rigid mounting without silent blocks will appeal not only to athletes, but also to ordinary users who love reliability and confidence.Now it is possible to quickly and quickly install and dismantle the gearbox without removing the housing. As well as quick access for revision of the main pair and/or locking through the front cover.
The steel housing of the front axle gearbox version "Fobox" of the 2019 model year has become even better, more convenient and more reliable!

Important! Mounting with a stabilizer is possible only when the latter is moved down.

Application: Niva, LADA 4x4, LADA 4x4 Urban,Chevrolet Niva, after 2010 with axles
of lower levers with a diameter of 18 mm. Body: VAZ-2121, VAZ-21211, VAZ-21212, VAZ-2122, VAZ-21213, VAZ-21214, VAZ-21215-19, VAZ-2131, and their modifications.


1.Steel housing with brackets
2.Fixing hardware and staples
3.Installation instructions
4.Warranty card (Warranty on the case - life-long).

Country of manufacture: Russia
Color: Orange,Black

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