FD 2.0 New Model Snorkel LADA 2121 21213 2131 21214 NIVA Urban 4x4

FD 2.0 New Model Snorkel LADA 2121 21213 2131 21214 NIVA Urban 4x4

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The snorkel for Lada 4x4 (Niva) is savored and developed in the company F-DESIGN
The snorkel is a composite air intake that protects the car engine from water hammer. When overcoming deep (up to 1 meter) water obstacles and fords, the snorkel provides full protection of the air channel from water ingress. The snorkel is made of a composite material of high strength, capable of operating at temperature differences in the mode from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. It is very important to note that by installing a snorkel, the car does not lose its overview characteristics, since the thoughtfully located air intake does not prevent the driver from fully controlling the road situation.
Material high strength compositeOptions for the external coating of the snorkel
Special matte coating is petrol-resistant, non-fadingRaptor high-strength protective coatingUncoatedWeight 4 kg
Overall dimensions 1430x320x160 mm
Volume 0.077 m3
Scope of delivery (N0601, N0601R)
SnorkelAdditional air lineHoseYokeSelf-tapping screwInstallation Instructions (download)Scope of delivery (N060)
Snorkel not painted, without installation kit
The new version is a modification of the snorkel, well-known in the circles of fans of the car "Niva". The previous model was developed by us about 15 years ago and sold a large circulation in our country and far beyond its borders. The large number of copies produced by various companies indicates that the design and design of the tube was successful.
Scope of delivery (N0601, N0601R)
Breathing tubeAdditional overhead lineHoseOppressionSelf-tapping screwInstallation
The snorkel is packed in a branded box with the company logo.The following parts are included in the scope of delivery of the snorkel:- snorkel- mounting bracket- adapter connecting the snorkel and the air filter- clamp – 2 pcs.- bolt M6-3 pcs.- rubber nozzle- hood seal- sealer- installation instructions- template for the hood cutoutDespite the huge popularity of the first model, it has a number of disadvantages, which we decided to refine in the new model of the snorkel version 2.0. The main change concerned the installation scheme of the snorkel on the car.First, the fasteners of the lower part have been changed. Now it is attached through two holes in the wing, one of which is initially available, and the second is additionally drilled. Through these holes, the snorkel is fastened with M6 bolts to the embedded nuts located in the lower part of the snorkel. This attachment securely secures the bottom of the snorkel and does not allow it to be unscrewed during operation. As we remember, on the previous model, the fasteners were carried out with screws through the wing flanging, directly into the body of the snorkel and were inconvenient and not reliable enough.
Secondly, the upper part is now attached via a mounting bracket, which is glued to the roof with a sealant adhesive (for example, Roxel Pro 531163). This bracket has a built-in nut, with which the upper part of the snorkel is subsequently attached. Now the snorkel can be easily dismantled if necessary to perform maintenance work with the car, for example, replacing the glass, or for work with the snorkel itself.
The model of the snorkel 2.0 has also undergone external changes, the main of which is the air intake sector. Now, unlike the previous version, this place has a closed rigid contour with entrance windows. Also, the appearance has been improved, now it looks more harmonious and modern.
The adapter, the part connecting the snorkel and the air filter, is also completely redesigned. By changing its shape, the parts are connected without any distortion.

Item will be produced upon order. Manufacturing takes 2-3 weeks.

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