'Drift Maniac' Triangle Suspension Arms Kit LADA 2101-2107 RIVA

'Drift Maniac' Triangle Suspension Arms Kit LADA 2101-2107 RIVA

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Material: made of solid seamless 30 mm steel pipe with wall thickness of 3.5 mm. Powder coating.

Purpose: the arms increase the limit of eversion of the wheels.

Reduced Ackermann. The arms are designed with increased castor and camber to increase oversteer and stability during the drift. Track is increased by +50mm for upper arm and  +70mm for lower arm.The maximum steering angle is 55 degrees.

Additional information: Minimal lowering of the car -50mm. Designed for installation with 2112 brakes and all 4 upper ball-joints.

Minimal camber - 4 degrees.

Recommended castor 9-12 degrees.

Mount studs of the dampers diameter increased to M10.

Comes with LADA Kalina stabilizer mounts.

Requires modifications of the edges of the wheel arch. In order to avoid breakage of the mouns of the dampers it is recommended to choose the dampers corresponding to the characteristics of the springs. Do not use with modified steering knuckles.

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