'Drift BOSS' Triangle Suspension Arms Set LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA LAIKA

'Drift BOSS' Triangle Suspension Arms Set LADA 2101-2107 RIVA NOVA LAIKA

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Just watch this video to see how they work:


Installation of this kit on a car allows you to achieve eversion of the front wheels over 60 degrees and maximum drivability in controlled skid. For precision steering all the connections are assembled on heim joints.

Specially designed knuckles allow you to lower the front suspension of the car thus the center of gravity moves to a lower point. Same time the roll center moves to a higher point and provides minimal rolls in turns. This design allows you to remove the front stabilizer bar with no losses in handling.

The knuckle requires the installation of the serial hub VAZ 2108 and VAZ 2112 brakes. The design of the arms provides the possibility of adjusting of all the angles of the front wheels in a wide range including Ackerman angle.

The upper arm provides the ability of adjusting the camber of the front wheels.

Lower armhas a special shape for achieving a maximum angle of inversion. The hinges of mounting of the arm are turned over on 90 degrees comparing to original ones.

The lower shock mount has 2 possible positions which allows adjust the suspension stiffness and handling very quickly and without replacing of the springs to ones with different characteristics.

All parts are powder coated.


The arms are designed only for sport. They require the installation of the steering rack, dampers with modified design (stock dampers cannot be installed) and lenghtened brake hoses. The modifications of the front suspension will require cutting of the front wheel arch. Minimum wheel size - 15”.

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