Digital Instrument Cluster LADA 21093

Future without going out from the car.

Only these words can describe the amazement of Soviet car drivers. However the history of this future is sad enough... In the beginning of 80-s Avtovaz managed to deal with the industrial concern "Autopribor" and the factory "Izmeritel" about introduction of innovative construction changes and equipment of cars. After all tests in the year 1984 the first batch of 1500 electronic panels KEP 43.501 for VAZ-21093-03 come from Izmeritel factory.

It was planned to get going the production of new model 21093 Sputnik with a digital display. They had high hopes for export sales of Sputnik. From 1500 to 2000 cars with such electronic option were planned to be produced on this factory per year.

But unfortunately the production of cars with a combination of electronic devices was not implemented. One of the main reason was the irresponsibility of suppliers who supplied a big amount of cull electronic chips. That finally led to production slowdown, the low level of safety during exploiItation and loss of reputation, that already existed at certain extent.

Nowdays these electronic panels are rare and in a great demand among VAZ devotees.

  • Digital Instrument Cluster LADA 21093