Diagnostic Device For Contactless Ignition LADA 2101-2110 2121 2121

Diagnostic Device For Contactless Ignition LADA 2101-2110 2121 2121

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MUSTHAVE ITEM if your LADA has contactless ingition. Old LADA owners always keep one under the pilow.

1.1 Remove the connector from the ignition switch.
1.2 Install the diagnostic device into the connector plug.
1.3 Turn on the ignition (without turning the starter).
1.4 Led "P" illuminates (ignition switch and ignition relay work properly).
1.5 Led "It" lit (ignition coil OK).
1.6 add the starter: if the led "D" flashes, it means the Hall sensor is defective.
2.1 Repeat steps 1.1,1.2,1.3.
2.2 Align the mark of the crankshaft with the mark of the camshaft, according to the instruction manual of the car.
2.3 Using the diode "D" set the ingition angle (at the time of the led light D) rotating the distributor.
The runner should be aimed to the side of the 1st cylinder on the distributor cap ignition.
3.1 Repeat steps 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.2, 2.3.
3.2 Adjust the valves on an angle of rotation of the crankshaft=0
3.3 Check the crankshaft clockwise, when the led D will light (which corresponds to 180 degrees of rotation of crankshaft) to adjust the valve angle of 180 degrees.
3.4 Repeat the above cycles of adjustment for the valves of the remaining cylinders in accordance with the manual of the car.
3.4 If this is not observed, then the problem is faulty switch.

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