Device For Emergency Contactless Ignition Start LADA 2101-2110 2121 21213 NIVA

Device For Emergency Contactless Ignition Start LADA 2101-2110 2121 21213 NIVA

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MUSTHAVE ITEM if your LADA has contactless ingition. Old LADA owners always keep one under the pilow.

Emergency ignition can be used during rain and when driving through puddles (for heating and drying ignition sparts) to check the electronic switch (VAZ, ZAZ, Oka) or in case of failure of the Hall sensor. It is recommended to move in EMERGENCY MODE at a maximum speed of 90 km/h, in the regime of low loads. Distance mileage in this mode is not limited!
1.1 Remove the connector from the distributor.

1.2 Connect it to the backup unit plugs.
1.3 Turn on the ignition (do not turn on the starter). If the red light lit up — emergency ignition works.
1.4 Start the engine.
1.5 Continue driving at a maximum speed of 90 km/h.
2.1 Remove all sparks high-voltage wires.
2.2 Remove the center wire from the distributor and connect it to the first spark plug.
2.3 Perform operations 1.1,1.2.
2.4 Switching he ignition (without turning starter).
With switched on the igntition – spark warming is in progress (warm for 1-2 minutes). Similarly, produce heating of the other sparks.
3.1 Remove the center wire from ditributer and install it from the vehicle body at a distance of 5 mm.
3.2 Repeat steps 1.1,1.2,1.3.
3.3 When the ignition is switched on, the led will light up and a typical high voltage crackle and spark between the high voltage wire and the body will appear.
3.4 If this is not observed, then the the problem is broken switch.

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