Alternator Re-locate Raise Kit Injection LADA 2101-2107 RIVA 2121 21214M NIVA

Alternator Re-locate Raise Kit Injection LADA 2101-2107 RIVA 2121 21214M NIVA

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Save your alternator from harmful dirt and water!

This bolt-on kit consists of a study steel bracket to move your OEM low mounted alternator to a high and dry position near the ignition distributer.

The alternator raise kit for cars of the Niva family with steering booster is already the 5th regeneration of the product, of its own design .


This means that we offer the best and highest quality product, proven by our own experience!

Designed specifically for the M-series and URBAN in a complete set without air conditioning. Nevertheless, the 2.5 transfer bracket has been successfully installed on all Niva car models since 2003.

The bracket is designed for the generator 21214-9412.3701 (and its modifications) and the steering pump 21214-3407009-10 ZF, which are transferred to a single monolithic bracket on the left side of the engine.

A distinctive feature of version 2.5 is a significant simplification of installation and a more reliable attachment for 9 mounting points . During installation, no operation is required to adjust the low-tide plane of the crankshaft sensor, as well as drilling and tapping in the high-tide of the engine block.

Installation of the generator transfer bracket version 2.5

Especially in conjunction with schnorchel it will allow you to confidently force serious water obstacles, including off-road in particularly difficult conditions.

Installation of the spare wheel on the regular place-is not provided.


The main bracket is 1 piece.

Tension sector (sickle) 1 piece.

Pump bar (butterfly) external 1 pc.

Pump strap (butterfly) inner 1 piece.

Ground bus twisted copper 1 piece.

Generator belt 1475\1480mm 1pc.

Pump belt GUR 940\960\975 mm 1 piece.

Mounting kit 1 k-kt

Radiator pipe fixing plug 1 piece.

Package of 1 pc.

Passport 1 pc. 1

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