LOWER BALL JOINT TREK classic LADA 2101-2107

LOWER BALL JOINT TREK classic LADA 2101-2107

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Design features:

The ball finger is obtained by cold deposition, heat-treated, which greatly increases the durability and safety of the product.
The sphere of the finger is processed up to grade 10 roughness.
The surface of the finger for the lower ball joint is heat-treated by high-frequency currents to increase wear resistance.
The thread on the finger is obtained by the rolling method.
Liner: Polymer, with a low coefficient of friction, which increases the wear resistance of the unit.
The ceramic-ceramic bearing is heat-treated, impregnated with lubricant, which ensures easy sliding of the ball pin.
Body: stamped, increased strength; spot welding provides a reliable connection of the housing, and the presence of a sealant between the housings ensures a long service life.
Protective cover: frost-resistant, meets all requirements for reliability and service life.
The coating protects the product against corrosion during operation.

Features of installation of hinges of spherical series "Classic":

Before installation, the lubricant SHRB-4 should be applied to the sealing edges in the amount of 5-6 g. The hinges have a long service life due to the improvement of the construction and the use of modern materials. The liner is made of a polymer material.

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