Electric Power Steering Kit Lada Niva 2101-2107

Electric Power Steering Kit Lada Niva 2101-2107

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Electric power steering (EPS) assembly, for LADA 2101-07 and Niva 4x4.  Electromechanical power steering (electric power steering) is designed to reduce the driving force applied by the driver to the steering wheel.

Particularly relevant is the power steering in extreme conditions, as it provides comfortable and reliable control of the car. The electric booster can be installed on carburettor cars, but this will require a service station, a speed sensor, an electrician with skilled hands and the necessary signal tester, and a little patience.

The kit includes:

Electric booster
Steering wheel.
Steering wheel cover.
Podrulevye switches.
The core podrulevyh switches.
Egnition lock.
Installation plate for ESD.
Electro-amplifier wiring.
Speed ​​sensor 08 injector.
Dimming speed sensor.

Scheme of installation included