+68mm Lift Offroad Crawler Low Gear Wheel Reductor Differential Kit LADA NIVA

+68mm Lift Offroad Crawler Low Gear Wheel Reductor Differential Kit LADA NIVA

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A fantastic innovative product from mother Russia!

The kit of four wheels-reductors (WR) offered to your attention can be easily mounted/dismantled "in the field". It allows you to significantly increase the off-road potential of your 4x4 car. In the very place where you left the public highway, you remove the road wheels from the car and install the WR described here on their regular places. Our WR can be "shod" in advance in the desired extreme (mud or winter) tyres of a larger size than the regular one. In addition to changing the tyre tread pattern when installing WR you get:

a) increase in vehicle clearance due to the inter-axis transmission distance of the gearbox itself (+68 mm) and the addition of half the size of the extreme wheels relative to the standard ones

b) an additional step down in the transmission of the car with a deceleration of 1.68 times, which allows you to move more confidently on some types of off-road surfaces (swamp, snow) and protects from fatal breakdowns the most suffering off-road elements of the car's transmission, such as the gearbox / transfer case, half-axes, drives, etc. At the end of the off-road trip, the WR are replaced with the regular ones in the reverse order, after which you can again show off your driving skills on public roads.

4. about safety: we categorically forbid driving a car with WD installed on public roads, because driving on public roads in a vehicle with changes made to the design that are not registered in the prescribed manner, you will a priori be the culprit of any accident associated with you (and the consequences can be very different, up to severe).

5. and once again about safety: we do not plan to certify the proposed gear wheels for official use on the car in principle, the gear wheels are delivered in the "as is" condition, and all harmful consequences caused by their use are the responsibility of the person using them.

The kit contains:

- four 16-inch steel stamped discs with pre-installed caprolon gear crowns

- four gear housings which combine the newly formed wheel hub with the standard hub of the car

- elements of fixing the differentials to the car suspension

- the necessary fasteners

Note: tires for off-road driving are NOT included.

Please keep in mind that this kit reduces the speed on 40%.

LADA 2121 21213 21214 2131 2123 Chevy NIVA 4x4 Urban

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