LADA 200hp 1977

LADA 2000 MTX RACING A 5 was prepared by the Czechoslovak company MYX (Metalex) on the basis of VAZ 21011 

2.0L engine on the basis of the engine 21011, sawn original cylinders replaced with 4 solid cylinder liners with the diameter of 88 (87 according to other sources) millimeters. The experimental engine was equipped with a 16 valve head designed by MTX for engines VAZ. The cars were equipped with dual carburetors or mechanical injection, Kugelfisher. Capacity of 180 hp. 

Prepared in 1977 by the Czechoslovakian firm MTX (Metalex), this car was built to check some elements of the new chassis and to test various engines. The body of VAZ 2101 was radically lightweightened, equipped with a fiberglass hood and organic glass windows (except windshield) . Moldings, interior door trims were removed. Instead of the dashboard there was only a small panel with tachometer, oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, coolant temperature and fuel level gauges. The partition between the engine compartment and the interior of the car was re-located on 100 mm because the engine was too huge. In the front the car had a spoiler, also a small spoiler was located on the roof and a large wing was on the boot lid. The front suspension was equipped with SKF ball-joints and reinforced stabilizer with the thickness of 28 mm. Rear half-axles (equipped with SKF bearings) were much longer comparing to the standard ones and thus went out of the standard rear wheel arches. All rods were replaced, also Bilstein dampers and springs Lada Rally were installed. The car was equipped with Girling brake system with brake discs of larger diameter on all the wheels. Goodyear slicks or Dunlop tires for wet road surfaces were used on this LADA. 2L engine (based on engine VAZ 21011) with sawn cylinder liners equipped with an experimental 16-valve head MTX with dual carburetors or mechanical injection, Kugelfisher. 

After all the upgrades the engine produced power of 147.2 kW (200 HP) at 8,000 rpm.. On the car were installed 5 speed gearbox and limited-slip differential ZF.

  •  LADA 200hp 1977