Look at KIA – 124 the real Korean with Italian origins!


KIA Motors - the world famous car brand, but only few know that Korean followed the USSR and based upon the concept of «people’s car» Fiat 124.


From 1970 till 1975 the licensed version of Italian sedan was produced in assembly of Asia Motors Industries, Kia Motors affiliate. It became company’s first passenger car. There were produced 6770 vehicles.


You can notice that Korean didn’t bother too much and only made few modifications in Italian model. There is a lux – version Kia 124 Special in the second photo near Korean engineer. The engine stayed the same: 1.2 L, carburetor, OHV type with 8 valves and liquid cooling.



The last photo shows Fiat 124 in Kia Motors Museum in rather sorry state.

  •  KIA-124

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