Soviet electric Lada Wagon

VAZ-2801- one of few Soviet serially produted eletric cars. It was created on the base of model 2102, without rear doors and windows, it had access hatch to nickel-zinc batteries instead.


1980-1981 Volzhsky car factory produced test-output of 47 delivery vans. In contrast to previous models the weight of nickel-zinc batteries was taken by special inboard frame instead of integral body. There was an access hatch to batteries instead of tail gate. One more technical hatch was in front above bumper (bumpers from VAZ-21011). These cars were sent to customers in Moscow, Togliatti, Ukrainian factories, few samples were used for hot food delivery in the factory territory.


The engine power was 25kWt, which was charged from nickel-zinc batteries with total capacity 125A/h, total weight 380 kg, set up on additional alluminium frame. The fuel distance with speed 40 km/h was 110 km.


Nowdays only 2-3 of these electric cars left. However electronic equipment was already dismantled, and conventional gasoline engine was set up. The only one identification sign of this unique car is the 2801-shape body. At the moment one of them is in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine).


  •  Soviet electric Lada Wagon