Sponsorship in USSR

Of memories:

“That time there were no sponsors, nobody even knew that word, everybody represented Russian Army, Air Force and Navy Volunteer Society (DOSAAF/ДОСААФ) and All-Russian Automobile Association (VDOAM/ВДОАМ). There were teams of tyre factories, engine factories, transport authorities. That time it was on the state level. The car was prepared at one’s own expense and only sent to race at expense of organization. Petrol, travel allowance, hotel, everything was compensated. Special for us more petrol was given because it was clear that we had our own costs which were easier to compensate with petrol. As for colouring, there were no stickers at that time, numbers was painted by ourselves with black mineral pitch, we took a bottle and a sponge with us. Bitumen was sold in shops in 0.5 L bottles.”

  • Sponsorship in USSR

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