NIVA camper

In the late 80's - beginning of 90's Lithuanian company Auviga has produced an unusual camper on the base of Niva. They made a triple-axle Niva for travelling.

Accommodation module could be easily disconnected. It was equipped with special pillars which gave the module stability. Disconnecting of the accomodation module made Niva a pick up.

In this project VAZ played a role of a technical expert of construction and the ways of its improvement. VAZ designers also developed the interrior of the accomodation module.

The main disadvantage of such construction was the center of the gravity located in the very top, thus made the driver to be super accurate in turns on slopes and even ordinary roads. The great weight of the car also badly affected on its traction-dynamic characteristics.

This interesting project was closed and its production as a series car was never launched because of the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991.

  • NIVA camper