Cabrios on the base of LADA NIVA 2121

Lada 4x4 Niva Poch Plein Soleil

Jan Jak's company was the biggest dealer of VAS cars in France. That is Poch, since 1982 started to offer fashion cabriolets Plein Soleil. Rebuilding of standard Niva in cabriolets were carried out by French coachbuilder Lebranchu and sold by distribution net Poch. Cabriolets on the base 2121 were made through comparatively simple technology - the back element of the cover was cut off and for compensation of its absence the rest strain members were strengthened. Such cars were offered with drain petrol motor as well as with fuel efficient engine made by Renault. Till 1989 there were produced and sold more than 1000 of such cars.

Deutsche Lada Niva Cabrio

In the year 1983 in accordance to the order of German Lada Importer Deutsche Lada Automobil GmbH coachbuilder GWS developed the open car Lada Niva Cabrio. The car didn't have an usual cover, and to make the integral body strong enough they used a roll bar. The hull back transformed essentially: a new cover of boot appeared and lights moved to rearguard. The saloon of Soviet off -roader was decorated with contour armchairs with developed side support and sport wheel. Externally Niva Cabrio differed through unique plastic body kit around the car with surge tanks and wide alloy wheels with foreign tires. The car looked very glamour and cost almost twice times more expensive than a basic model. That' s why only few models were produced.

Deutsche Lada Niva Kosak

1985 the limited modification of Niva Kosak was produced for German market. So called sondermodel, that means a special limited (200 units) version of Deutsche Lada differing through body kit and a number of options ( for example fog light): enclosed body or cabriolet.

Deutsche Lada Niva Cabrio

Since 1985 till the beginning of 90-s Deutsche Lada offered to its customers more austere version. That time the transformation into cabriolet was carried out by German company Thiele Spezialfahrzeugbau GmbH from Bremen. They offered two versions of cabriolet. Cabrio ( or Cabrioo UT) and Cabrio L. The UT version had no back seats and was as an usual double-seater cabriolet. To separate the luggage space from the front seats there was a partition installed in the cabin, and they also offered a special plastic superstructure on the rear part of a car as an additional option, which implemented the function of the back wall and the cover of luggage space. The version L itself was a real four-seater car. Moreover in contrast to Cabrio UT, the basic configuration of Niva Cabrio L had headlight wipers and rear seat belts. For more demanding customers they offered a full range of options: power steering, sport leather helm, seats Recaro, carpet cover on the floor, wheel arch expander, alloy wheels with wide tyres, winch and etc. According to some data from 1985 till 1987 approximately 600 cabriolets were produced. Most of them were sold in the West and East Germany, rest were exported in other countries and some were re-exported in the USSR and Russia.

Lada Niva Savanne

In Benelux the Dutch importer Gremi Auto-import was selling cabriolet Lada Niva Savanne. We cannot say for a fact, but taking into account the similarity of construction with German Lada Niva Cabrio, we can suppose that cars for different dealers were cutting in the same coachbuilder, from which they went to local markets with new names, more suitable and good sounding for local places.

Niva Cossaсk Cabriolet

1987 in the Great Britain the top-version of basic Niva, called Lada Niva Cossak was released and offered as well as the basic configuration during the whole sale-time of Niva in England. The difference from the basic model were in installation of additional equipment: roof hatch, alloy wheels, plastic wheel arch linings and etc. There was also an open top-version - Niva Cossaсk Cabriolet.

Niva Cabriolet Lada Cars of Canada

In Canada open Nivas were being sold only after the dissolution of the USSR: 1992 and 1993. Those times the car looked already obsolete, that's why they tried to refresh it using external tuning implemented by importer in the city Hadyfax ( New Scotland). At request of client the cabriolet could be decorated with plastic body kit, protective bumper and alloy wheels BSA. The image was complemented with roof hatch and improved fabric upholstery.

In the 90-s the idea of cutting Niva was got by some Russian workshops. Also VAS-PSA Bronto itself released a small batch of open NIVA VAZ -212183 on its extended chassis.

UPDATE from our community member Panos Login:

"There was also a cabrio version from Greek manufacturer "Automeccanica". With tail lights from Fiat 126. On the photo the soft top is not original (original was better)."

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